A Wild and Crazy New Model of Employment

Companies today adhere to a decades-old recruitment process originally designed for in-person paper applications — a pre-Internet, one-company-for-life era that has quickly passed us by. The Internet increased our visibility of choice and ease of application, which – coupled with accelerating, always-on technology — shortened our attention spans to less than a goldfish’s.

Whatever the reasons, average employment tenure has declined significantly since the typewriting days. In fact, students today are projected to have an average of 17 jobs in as many as five careers or industries throughout their lifetime.

The implications are staggering; from increased recruitment and onboarding costs to brain drain to the stress of starting over again and again, both employer and employee will face challenges unique to this new world of work. In this forever-LinkedIn world, virtually every job across every industry is visible and accessible, presenting seemingly limitless opportunities. People are hopping more often and more broadly — across a wide range of industries and sizes.

Which begs the question: if the one-company-for-life era has passed, and frequent job-hopping is the new normal, why has the recruitment model — or better yet, the employment model itself — not changed?

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